A Paige about Publicity

27 Jan
paige headshot

Paige Landsem
Publicity Coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show

Those who are currently involved in public relations, or preparing for a career in the field, know there are many roads one can take. One major avenue is publicity. After doing some research on the role and job description of a publicist, I found my interest had heightened. I decided it would be beneficial to gain more insight from someone currently working in this area of public relations.

On Sunday, Jan. 27, I had the pleasure of speaking with Paige Landsem, my dear friend and publicity coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show. After sharing with her my interest in publicity, she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

 What does a typical day as a publicity coordinator look like?

“Well, I just started working here at the Rachael Ray Show, and every day is different. I do, however, have a few main duties that include writing tweets and Facebook statuses for the show, writing TV listings describing each show that go out to affiliate stations and TV writers, pitching to local media, working with the press, and running the show’s Instagram.”

 What is the greatest challenge of your job?

“This might be because I am new, but, currently, my main challenge is figuring out what each specific person wants. Everything I do goes to someone else first. For example, I write the tweets and posts, then give them to someone else who publishes them on Twitter and Facebook. Each person wants something different, so my main challenge is managing and figuring out how to work best with everyone.”

 What do you wish you would have known as a college senior?

“Wow, a lot. Honestly, I think the main thing would be how important it is to keep an open mind. What you think you want to do now may not be what you actually love doing. Don’t hold yourself to one specific thing, but realize it is okay to have an open mind to different areas of public relations.”

Concluding Thoughts

Her hard work and dedication to the field of public relations is what inspired me to pursue this profession. I admire her drive to have a successful career and believe new public relations professionals can learn from her ability to keep an open mind. I look forward to seeing where her hard work takes her next.

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